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A sense for quality

The quality of our scrap ferrous metals is a high priority for Bradals Produkthandel. With this in mind, we sort through our ferrous waste before we ship it from the Port of Fredericia, helping us to ensure consistent quality.

Centrally located

The Port of Fredericia is placed centrally in the Triangle Region, from where we have direct access to the motorway network with the E20 to the east and the E45 from north to south. This gives us great conditions for collecting scrap from all of Jutland and Funen, before shipping it to the whole world.

Care for the environment

At Bradals Produkthandel, we treat ferrous metals in the most modern and environmentally friendly way. The shipping of ferrous metals from the Port of Fredericia to smelting works across the world contributes to its re-use. This is great for the environment, as it reduces the need for extracting new iron ore, which requires a lot of energy and causes significant pollution.

Shipping to the whole world

Bradals Produkthandel has access to 8,500m2 at the Port of Fredericia, where we can store up to 60,000 tons of scrap ferrous metals for re-use. From our storage area at the Port of Fredericia, we have direct access to 15-meter-deep water – the deepest in Denmark, making Fredericia one of the most competitive ports in Europe. This gives us the possibility to load scrap metals onto larger ships, all the way up to 50-60,000 tons, and from there ship huge amounts of scrap to the whole world.

Shipping to the whole world

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