Ferrous waste

We receive large quantities of ferrous waste at Bradals Produkthandel. We process it in the most modern and environmentally friendly way, sort it, and ship it to smelting works worldwide.

Recovery of ferrous waste is not only good for our customers’ wallets, but also for the environment, as it reduces the need to produce new iron ore, which is a process that requires large amounts of energy and causes significant pollution.

It just makes sense
The environmental impact of producing virgin iron and steel is about eight times greater than re-use.
We’re happy to collect your scrap
At Bradals Produkthandel, we’re only too pleased to drive out and collect scrap ferrous metals from industry, scrap dealers, municipalities, waste companies, farmers, and members of the public with larger amounts. Our trucks drive throughout Jutland and Funen. Call to hear more about our collection service.
Borrow containers
We make containers available for industrial customers, and collect the scrap you place in them. You are always welcome to send an email or call us to hear more about options for borrowing containers from Bradals Produkthandel.
We have an eye for the environment
We treat all residual products in an environmentally sound manner. Our concrete-covered site in Silkeborg has an oil separator and sand trap, which ensures that the surroundings do not suffer damage as a result of oil residues or other environmentally hazardous waste.