We are happy to pick up your scrap
At Bradals Produkthandel, we like to drive and pick up scrap iron and metal from companies, municipalities, waste companies, farmers and private individuals in large quantities. We have trucks driving throughout Jutland and on Funen. Call and hear more about the possibilities for us to come by.
Your scrap can be worth the money
As a private customer, there can be plenty of value stored in the basement, garage etc. At Bradals Produkthandel you can get rid of pots, pans, wires, etc. and get money in your products. We accept a wide range of products.
We have an eye for the environment
Did you know that in order to extract 1 ton of aluminum, you have to clear large parts of the rainforest? In addition, approx. 15,000 tonnes of rock, earth and other metals, as well as environmentally hazardous chemicals and large amounts of water. All with major consequences for the environment. Source: Ministry of the Environment and Food.

We are happy to pick up your scrap - should we help you?

At Bradals Produkthandel, we offer container rentals to individuals and companies. We have various alternative solutions for container rental, which we make available for a shorter or longer period depending on needs.

We have an eye for the environment
We treat all residual products in an environmentally sound manner. Our concrete-covered site in Silkeborg has an oil separator and sand trap, which ensures that the surroundings do not suffer damage as a result of oil residues or other environmentally hazardous waste.